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Friends of Music is a non-profit organization committed to providing support for the Music Department at Black Hills State University. We are dedicated to promoting musical excellence by supporting the BHSU music programs. Our main function is to support music scholarships; all Friends of Music funds are used to support Friends of Music Scholarships. (Any expenditure exceptions must be approved by the Friends of Music board or specified by the donor.) The recipients of the Friends of Music scholarships are selected each year by the BHSU music faculty.

We are dedicated in promoting musical excellence in our community and support musical performances at Clare & Joseph Meier Hall and other local venues, in support of music education at Black Hills State and the entire Black Hills region. Friends of Music is proud to be a part of one of the finest small university music programs in the United States.

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“I believe our mission is more about helping students realize their potential as musicians. We need to find ways to encourage them to engage with the culture, as allies and ambassadors for the arts. It’s important that our passion for music education and appreciation goes beyond self-gratification to improving the human condition”

Margaret Wengert, Friends of Music

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Check out photos from Swarm Week 2011!
Check out photos from Swarm Week 2011!
Check out photos from Swarm Week 2011!